Dekorflor Floor Coverings

Another operation field of the Oncu Grup is the production of PVC flooring. The machinery investments in this area is on the highest standard of these days and makes production possible for house and industrial usage. This product is being marketed to both domestic and international markets with the brand of DEKORFLOR. The house usage of the brand has a wood parquet pattern while the industrial usage has granite, marble and similar patterned floorings.

Like all the products such as PVC Table Cloths and PVC non slip mats, the designs and Printing Cylinders of flooring are produced by our expert printmakers and technicians. All of our designs are the outcomes of our 40 years of experiences and artists. 


Product Types

  • 105-A
    Dekorflor / 105-A
  • 105-B
    Dekorflor / 105-B
  • 105-C
    Dekorflor / 105-C
  • 105-D
    Dekorflor / 105-D
  • 501-A
    Dekorflor / 501-A
  • 501-B
    Dekorflor / 501-B
  • 501-C
    Dekorflor / 501-C
  • 501-D
    Dekorflor / 501-D
  • 501-E
    Dekorflor / 501-E
  • 501-F
    Dekorflor / 501-F
  • 502-A
    Dekorflor / 502-A
  • 502-B
    Dekorflor / 502-B
  • 502-C
    Dekorflor / 502-C
  • 502-D
    Dekorflor / 502-D
  • 504-A
    Dekorflor / 504-A
  • 504-B
    Dekorflor / 504-B
  • 504-C
    Dekorflor / 504-C
  • 504-D
    Dekorflor / 504-D