DEKOR Wallpapers

Oncu Grup has expanded its operation area by beginning the production of Wallpapers at the end of 1970ies. With the usage of quality materials, inks and regardfull workmanship, Dekor branded Wallpapers granted the leadership in the Turkish Wallpaper Market.

This success in the local market is also expanded to the international market and Dekor brand has become an in demand wallpaper in neighboring countries. In 80ies, the most of the export were happening with Balkans, North Africa and Middle East while Russia and other countries separated from Russia has become an important export focus in early 90ies. The brand Dekor is still the most qualified product in the domestic market. Addition to this, Dekor, follows the recent developments in international markets while developing new designs and variations in collection. You can click the options below to see the products.


1. Wallpaper Made of Paper (Collections: Classic-New Art-Vision-Harmony)
Paper-based wallpaper usually consists of two layers of paper. The outer layer is embossed and printed in color. The inner layer serves as a supporting material.

2. Vinyl Wallpaper (Collections: DekoArt – Melody)                                                                                                                         This wallpaper consists of a supporting material that is firmly bound to the vinyl layer. The front side is printed, smooth or embossed. Vinyl wallpaper is used particularly in areas that require exceptionally robust surfaces.

3. Structured Wallpaper (Collection: Paradise)
A paste with dye is applied to the supporting material (paper or non woven) of structured wallpaper. Thus, light and shadow creates an interesting three-dimensional effect on the outer surface profile.

All of the above high quality collections are produced with the following characteristics; washable, seamless, scratchresistant and easy to apply (dimension: 10,05 m x 52,5 cm). Product colours shown on our website may vary from the actual products due to differences in, individual monitors.


  Rolls Width (cm) Rolls Lenght (m) Weight (gr./ m2) Print Method

Embossed Wallpapers

Classic - New Art - Vision - Harmony

 52,5 10,05 175 Rotogravure

Vinyl Wallpapers

DekoArt - Melody

52,5 10,05 220-340-380 Rotogravure

Structured Wallpapers


52,5 10,05 180 (±25)